Bookvine Publishers Sign Budding Nigerian Novelist


Ojay Aito, after signing his publishing deal at Bookvine Publishers

Bookvine Publishers are pleased to announce the signing of emerging Nigerian writer and novelist, Osereme Ojay Aito, in a deal that will see the company publish his first novel – Night of a Red Moon as well as a sophomore book.

Speaking about the acquisition of the book rights, Head of Publishing at Bookvine, ‘Seun Salami, said the company was “delighted to have finally laid hands on an exciting and intriguing manuscript from a relatively unknown young Nigerian writer.

“We recognise that publishers around here are never willing to take on new non award-winning writers, but Bookvine Publishers will be giving these writers the opportunity to become the next big literary name and we’ve only just begun with Ojay.”

According to Salami, who is also the author of the widely acclaimed The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad woman, Ojay’s manuscript and writing style is compelling and one lovers of fiction will enjoy.


Ojay Aito flanked by Head of Publishing at Bookvine Publishers, ‘Seun Salami and Copy Editor for Night of a Red Moon, Moyo Larmie.

Ojay Aito is an Ibadan-born graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Olabisi Onabanjo University and the creator of the ‘Barrack Boy’ online blog.

Speaking after putting pen to paper on his first publishing contract at the Bookvine offices in Lagos, he said he was excited by the enthusiasm shown by the publishers towards his work and cannot wait to see their plans for the book brought to life.

“I was drawn to Bookvine by the quality of their books and when I met with ‘Seun, I knew I was in good hands. I am glad he agreed to take on my book,” said Ojay who is also a fashion enthusiast and an on-air personality.

Set in Ago-Iwoye town of Ogun State, Night of a Red Moon is an intriguing historical novel with a romantic twist. Details of its release will be made public soon.


Photos From ‘Seun Salami’s Sex Life Collection Book Reading At Terra Kulture

‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’, the second short story collection from author, editor and Head of Publishing at Bookvine, ‘Seun Salami, enjoyed its second major reading yesterday at the main hall of Terra Kulture in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Guests who came out for the reading had a great fun-filled time with the down-to-earth author who read sections of the colourful new book along with Spice TV host (and soon to be Bookvine author), Ariyike Akinbobola and author of two Bookvine books (‘From College Dropout to Corporate Sell-out’ and ‘From Friend to Fiancee’), Steve Harris.

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words, so here are the photos:

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Photos From ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ Book Reading at Patabah Books

The first book reading for ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ by ‘Seun Salami, held on Saturday October 18, 2015 at Patabah Bookshop, Surulere, Lagos.

Here are some pictures from the event as we look forward to the next reading at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, this Saturday (October 25, 2014) at 5pm.


IMAGE006-860X575 IMAGE008-860X575 IMAGE012-860X575 image016-860x575 IMAGE022-860X575 image024-860x575 image026-860x575 IMAGE032-860X575 image034-860x575 IMAGE038-860X575 image046-860x575 image048-860x450 IMAGE054-860X575 image058-860x575 IMAGE060-860X575 image062-860x575 IMAGE064-860X575 IMAGE066-860X575 image068-860x575 IMAGE070-860X575

Join us on SATURDAY OCTOBER 25 at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos for the next reading…


Official Announcement: Book Trailer, Cover, Release Date for “The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman” – ‘Seun Salami

Bookvine is pleased to officially announce the scheduled release of “The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman”, the second short story collection from critically acclaimed writer and author of “The Son of Your Father’s Concubine”, ‘Seun Salami.

The official book trailer and cover for the ‘Sex Life’ collection are also hereby released to the public in anticipation of the book release on Monday, October 13, 2014.

As sophomore books go, this ‘Sex Life Collection’ is a brave, completely different proposition from ‘Seun Salami’s first work.

We are referring to this collection of short stories as a ‘Sex Life Collection’ although it is officially titled ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’, because it contains twelve fiction stories largely about the sex lives of characters like a celibate priest, a ritualist’s apprentice, a born-again Pentecostal sister, a popular charismatic pastor, a lesbian on the prowl and others whose diverse sexual experiences the author so vividly portrays with his trademark simple yet suspense-filled prose style.

The title story, ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ is the complete five thousand words version of one of the author’s most popular stories previously published on various platforms online. The story describes the secret sex life of a supposedly mad woman which eventually leads to her pregnancy and more consequences.

Our Pastor is Hooked on Porn and Me is the story of a celebrated charismatic preacher’s addiction to pornography and the resultant illicit affair with his secretary. In ‘Pentecostal Sabina’, the author describes the dilemma of a ‘born-again sister’ who is betrothed to the choir master of her church in a strictly monitored courtship while also being secretly in love with a supposed unbeliever.

In ‘Flight Partner’, a Nigerian lady is heading back to Houston after visiting her family in Nigeria for the first time since leaving for University in America. Amidst thinking about her mother’s request to find a husband before her next visit, she meets a lady on the check-in queue who is in a similar situation, however, she seems to be in need of a different kind of partner.

Other compelling stories in the collection include ‘The Merchant’s Dungeon’, ‘Witch-hunting Nights’, ‘Breadwinners’ and five other compelling stories written in a bold, direct and thought-provoking style.

‘Seun Salami has been described as ‘one of Nigeria’s best new writers’ by popular blogger and social commentator, Japheth Omojuwa, while award-winning motivational speaker and Author of ‘Mr Fantastic’, Fela Durotoye describes Salami as ‘a genius and master story-teller’.

‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ will be available at major bookstores and on Amazon from Monday October 13, but the author’s autographed copies can be pre-ordered right now at great discounts right here on our official website or via telephone on 08055696965.


Moyo Larmie

Copy Editor/Media Relations


Official Launch of Beautified by Funto Oni

‘Beautified’, the first book by twenty-three year old Beauty entrepreneur cum Chartered Accountant, Funto Oni, was officially presented to the public on Sunday, August 18, 2013 at an exclusive launch event witnessed by family, friends and the media.

It was an evening just as colourful as the 120 page book on beauty published by Bookvine and described as ‘every woman’s amazing guide to true beauty’.

Some guests who witnessed the launch include Pastor Kunle Soriyan of the Fountain of Life Church; (Pastor) Jimi Tewe of Inspiro Consulting; Bankole Williams, author of ‘Engaged to a Job I hate and Steve Harris, Life Strategist and author of ‘From College Drop-out to Corporate Sell-out’ & ‘From Friend to Fiancee; Esteem Coach and Friend of the author, Princess Simysola; Blogger, Olorisupergal and Mrs. Love Olaleye of Flawless Makeovers who trained the author, as well as journalists from several media houses.

Guests were also treated to awesome music by the likes of David (Project Fame), TJ Sax (who is probably the youngest saxophonist in Nigeria) and comedy from MC EmmaOhMaGod (of CoolFM and Wazobia FM), Dee One and SLK.

According to ‘Seun Salami, Head of Publishing, Bookvine, “Beautified is the complete beauty and style guide for every woman as well as men who care about their women.” He described Funto as an extremely passionate and purpose driven lady with a radiating personality.

His view was also echoed by Arukaino Umokoro of Punch Newspapers, who said “the author’s radiating personality shined through in the book” during his review.

To order a copy of Beautified, please call 08055696965. Book costs N1500 while delivery within Lagos is N500. The book is also available on the Bookvine website and in stores.

Here are some more pictures from the event.


BANKOLE-WILLIAMS-AUTHOR-OF-ENGAGED-TO-A-JOB-I-HATE Beautified-Book-Launch-10-640x426 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-12 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-13-640X426 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-20 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-33 Beautified-Book-Launch-34 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-43-640X426 BEAUTIFIED-BOOK-LAUNCH-45-640X426 FUNTO-AND-HER-MUM FUNTO-SIGNING-AUTOGRAPHS1 Mr-Ope-Ashubiojo-Pastor-Kunle-Soriyan-Funto-Oni-Mrs-Love-Olaleye-and-Bankole-Williams-with-Beautified MRS.-LOVE-OLALEYE-CEO-FLAWLESS-TOUCH-MAKEOVERS. OLORISUPERGAL-AND-FUNTO-ONI Pastor-Jimi-Tewe-and-wife Pastor-Kunle-Soriyan SEUN-SALAMI-HEAD-OF-PUBLISHING-BOOKVINE Taiwo-Olushoga-Creative-Director-of-Teeshogs-Clothiers-reading-from-Beautified The-young-TJ-Sax Arukaino-Umukoro-Punch-Newspapers-reviewing-the-book Author-of-Beautified-Funto-Oni

To order a copy of Beautified, please call 08055696965. Book costs N1500 while delivery within Lagos is N500. The book is also available on the Bookvine website and in stores.

Excerpt from ‘Mr Fantastic’ by Fela Durotoye

Many marriages have crashed after successful weddings.

This is because the wedding is not the marriage. The best that anybody can do for you is to come to your wedding but it is your responsibility to deal with your marriage.

You are better off not getting married than getting divorced.

The purpose of this book (Mr Fantastic) is to ensure that fewer marriages are dissolved because the link between strong marriages and strong nations is so critical. For me, this book is an important tool in ensuring that fewer marriages break up because the family unit is the smallest unit in a nation.

Many people are in a ‘manage,’ not a marriage. They are only tolerating each other not celebrating each other. A successful marriage is where you can’t wait to get home; an unsuccessful marriage is where you can’t wait to get out.

In a successful marriage, home is your favourite place to be. Please note that ‘home’ here is not the same thing as ‘house.’ House is where you live; home is what you live in. A house is built by sand, cement and water while a home is built by Love, peace and joy.

So, how do we go from having ‘manages’ to have ‘marriages?’ It is not just the capacity to get people to stay together that is the important thing but also the capacity to get people to love being together. And so, if we can build strong marriages, we will build strong families; if we build strong families, we will have strong generations.

It is sad that some people tend to take their careers more seriously than their marriage, but the truth be told; there can hardly be any true career success if your marriage has failed. Marital challenges have been known to ruin the best career opportunities.

As you read this book, it is one thing for you to know how to assess this guy; it is another thing not only to be able to assess yourself but also to be able to ask yourself if he finds you intolerable or compatible?

I think that in the course of marriage, there is nothing that cannot change. But to bet that something will change may be asking for much. Always ask yourself, what if it doesn’t change? If the situation remains the same, what are you going to do? One of the most interesting things people say after marriage is, ‘He saw me the way I was and he married me that way, now he is demanding that I change’.

Divorce rate in America (according to Gulnar Nugman of the Heritage Foundation) is 54.8%. They say that 50% of the marriages end in divorce in the first five years.

It is amazing that even in the Christendom, 51% of the marriages end up in divorce. In 64% of all the marriages that end up in divorce, the partners were from broken homes. So there is a very strong chance that if your marriage breaks up your children’s marriage will break up.

Interestingly, it has also been shown that 80% of the young people who are in prison, come from broken homes. So, the chances that if your marriage breaks up, your children will go to prison or not be successful in life is very high.

It is unthinkable how strong the link between successful marriages and national development is, yet more people still go into marriage thinking, ‘I think he loves me’, ‘He is just so fine’, and all those superficial things. And then when its ‘crying time’ as they say, they begin to talk about the things that they knew were there but they didn’t think were important enough.

A broken marriage does not just hurt the persons involved, it hurts everyone; their children (if they do have children), their parents, their siblings and even their friends. This is the reason why parents need to buy this book for their children; it is the reason why friends need to give this book as a gift to a friend who is dating or considering a serious relationship – this is the guide.

This book is basically to get you to shine-your-eye now! So that you can see clearly.

This is the most critical time to stand in integrity and ask, ‘Can I really live with this?’

Marriages do not fail because of the things you can live with, marriages fail because of the things you can’t live with. Most times, people knew they couldn’t live with certain things but they said maybe they could.

These 17 key areas you are about to read will help you discover so many things about your man. It generated the most comments on my facebook page when I put up an abridged version as a note. Interestingly, the comments were from both male and female readers. One of the most reoccurring questions I got was, ‘Fela, how do I know if the guy I’m with is THE RIGHT MAN?’

God has helped me to develop the 17 qualities of this dream guy. I’m sure you’ll be totally blown away by this Mr. Fantastic!

I recognize that there’s no WRONG man, but the one you’re with may not be the RIGHT ONE FOR YOU.

So as you read, ladies, evaluate the qualities your guy has and guys, (you thought I didn’t expect you to read it?) check yourself to determine how well you rate and make sure you give scores and determine where you fit in at the end of the book.

I have developed a model which we will use to effectively assess your relationship.

There are 4 ways to assess each point and you can only choose one of the four; the one which best describes your man.

I: Intolerable (It is absolutely bad, terrible): Score: 1

T: Tolerable (It is bad, but I can live with it. I hope it changes though): Score: 2

C: Compatible (It is okay, I don’t have a problem with it): Score: 3

A: Admirable (It is so great, I need to step up to catch up): Score: 4

So as we deal with each point, write either I (1), T (2), C (3) or A (4) and score accordingly.

Are you ready to find out if you’re with Mr. Fantastic?

Let’s go.



Ladies, let Steve Harris show you how to get him to propose!

Ladies! How do you get him to want you as much as you want him without him knowing that you want him to want you?

This one’s for you!

I’ve met countless incredible women, like you, who have got it going on, are filled with incredible passion, vigor and fun, but are, sadly, still single.

I’m often regaled with their conversation of expecting, hoping and then praying to meet their Knight in shining armor, sitting on a white horse, who rides (or drives) in gallantly and sweeps them off their feet, riding (driving) into the sunset.

This, unfortunately, never happens.

And time passes by.

I’ve also met some fantastic ladies, like you, who are pining away in silence for the man of their dreams, who unfortunately, only sees them as ‘a good friend’, ‘buddy’ or ‘spiritual sister’ and then they listen painfully as he asks her for relationship advice about ‘a girl he just met’.

‘A girl he just met? I’ve been waiting for him forever and he’s interested in a girl he just met?’ she freaks out and watches in sadness as they walk down the aisle together.

Another good man gone by.

Probably taken by a bad girl.

Not anymore!

It’s time you learned the secrets to get YOUR MAN!

But I must warn you, this journey is not for the faint hearted. You’re gonna need to whip up your self confidence, be ready for a paradigm shift and be prepared to do some unconventional things.

If you’re not up to it, I suggest you put this book back on the shelf and keep on walking sister, cause you’re in for some more lonely days and nights.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes, whip your hair back, put your stilettos on and let’s get going!

We have a lot of ground to cover!

*This is an excerpt from a new book by Steve HARRIS titled, ‘From Friend to Fiancee’.
Call 08055696965 to order copies of the book now.