Bookvine Publishers Sign Budding Nigerian Novelist


Ojay Aito, after signing his publishing deal at Bookvine Publishers

Bookvine Publishers are pleased to announce the signing of emerging Nigerian writer and novelist, Osereme Ojay Aito, in a deal that will see the company publish his first novel – Night of a Red Moon as well as a sophomore book.

Speaking about the acquisition of the book rights, Head of Publishing at Bookvine, ‘Seun Salami, said the company was “delighted to have finally laid hands on an exciting and intriguing manuscript from a relatively unknown young Nigerian writer.

“We recognise that publishers around here are never willing to take on new non award-winning writers, but Bookvine Publishers will be giving these writers the opportunity to become the next big literary name and we’ve only just begun with Ojay.”

According to Salami, who is also the author of the widely acclaimed The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad woman, Ojay’s manuscript and writing style is compelling and one lovers of fiction will enjoy.


Ojay Aito flanked by Head of Publishing at Bookvine Publishers, ‘Seun Salami and Copy Editor for Night of a Red Moon, Moyo Larmie.

Ojay Aito is an Ibadan-born graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Olabisi Onabanjo University and the creator of the ‘Barrack Boy’ online blog.

Speaking after putting pen to paper on his first publishing contract at the Bookvine offices in Lagos, he said he was excited by the enthusiasm shown by the publishers towards his work and cannot wait to see their plans for the book brought to life.

“I was drawn to Bookvine by the quality of their books and when I met with ‘Seun, I knew I was in good hands. I am glad he agreed to take on my book,” said Ojay who is also a fashion enthusiast and an on-air personality.

Set in Ago-Iwoye town of Ogun State, Night of a Red Moon is an intriguing historical novel with a romantic twist. Details of its release will be made public soon.



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