Official Announcement: Book Trailer, Cover, Release Date for “The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman” – ‘Seun Salami

Bookvine is pleased to officially announce the scheduled release of “The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman”, the second short story collection from critically acclaimed writer and author of “The Son of Your Father’s Concubine”, ‘Seun Salami.

The official book trailer and cover for the ‘Sex Life’ collection are also hereby released to the public in anticipation of the book release on Monday, October 13, 2014.

As sophomore books go, this ‘Sex Life Collection’ is a brave, completely different proposition from ‘Seun Salami’s first work.

We are referring to this collection of short stories as a ‘Sex Life Collection’ although it is officially titled ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’, because it contains twelve fiction stories largely about the sex lives of characters like a celibate priest, a ritualist’s apprentice, a born-again Pentecostal sister, a popular charismatic pastor, a lesbian on the prowl and others whose diverse sexual experiences the author so vividly portrays with his trademark simple yet suspense-filled prose style.

The title story, ‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ is the complete five thousand words version of one of the author’s most popular stories previously published on various platforms online. The story describes the secret sex life of a supposedly mad woman which eventually leads to her pregnancy and more consequences.

Our Pastor is Hooked on Porn and Me is the story of a celebrated charismatic preacher’s addiction to pornography and the resultant illicit affair with his secretary. In ‘Pentecostal Sabina’, the author describes the dilemma of a ‘born-again sister’ who is betrothed to the choir master of her church in a strictly monitored courtship while also being secretly in love with a supposed unbeliever.

In ‘Flight Partner’, a Nigerian lady is heading back to Houston after visiting her family in Nigeria for the first time since leaving for University in America. Amidst thinking about her mother’s request to find a husband before her next visit, she meets a lady on the check-in queue who is in a similar situation, however, she seems to be in need of a different kind of partner.

Other compelling stories in the collection include ‘The Merchant’s Dungeon’, ‘Witch-hunting Nights’, ‘Breadwinners’ and five other compelling stories written in a bold, direct and thought-provoking style.

‘Seun Salami has been described as ‘one of Nigeria’s best new writers’ by popular blogger and social commentator, Japheth Omojuwa, while award-winning motivational speaker and Author of ‘Mr Fantastic’, Fela Durotoye describes Salami as ‘a genius and master story-teller’.

‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ will be available at major bookstores and on Amazon from Monday October 13, but the author’s autographed copies can be pre-ordered right now at great discounts right here on our official website or via telephone on 08055696965.


Moyo Larmie

Copy Editor/Media Relations



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