Mr. Fantastic by Fela Durotoye

Mr. Fantastic by Fela Durotoye

67 PAGES | ISBN: 978-978-912-869-3


The purpose of this book is to ensure that fewer marriages are dissolved because the link between strong marriages and strong nations is so critical. It is one thing for you to know how to assess this guy; it is another thing not to be able to assess yourself but to be able to ask yourself how he sees you too.

Parents need to buy this book for their children; friends need to give this book as a gift to a friend who is dating or considering a serious relationship- this is the guide. It will get you to shine-your-eye now, so that you can see clearly!
So as you read, ladies, evaluate the qualities your guy has – and guys, check yourself to determine how well you rate. Make sure you give scores and determine where you fit in at the end of the book.

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You are better off not getting married than getting divorced. Many marriages have crashed after successful weddings because the wedding is not the marriage. The best that anybody can do for you is to come to your wedding. It is your responsibility to deal with your marriage.


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