The R.I.C.H Theory By Richard Chilee


The R.I.C.H Theory By Richard Chilee


153 PAGES  | ISBN: 978-978-922-903-1


Richard Chillee brings a whole new dimension to the definition of what Prosperity is
- Shola Ajani, Group CEO, Human Capital Asset management, London, UK.

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Why do some people succeed in life or business while others for equal education and exposure, fail? What do the rich and successful know and do that separates them from the rest?

In the revealing book, you will discover the principles that were wisely applied by legends whose names and accomplishments have been able to stand the test of time It will also expoe the four simple, natural yet pragmatic concepts to acquiring life full of fulfilment, helping you make rapid transformation in the stagnant areas of your life.

You will also realise that true success is attainable and you will be able to see clearly why our minds as well as the society have been inaccurately programmed to think that true success is uncommon. The kind of life you have always envisioned has always been closer than you ever imagined.




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The R_I_C_H Theory By Richard Chilee

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